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Iranische Zivilgesellschaft trotzt der Unterdrückung

Hamid Yazdan Panah berichtet auf der Seite ebenfalls über die zunehmenden Menschenrechtsverletzungen, aber auch über kreative Protestaktionen seitens der Zivilgesellschaft. Im Folgenden ein Ausschnitt aus seinem Artikel:

Last month, Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran, called on the regime to end its intimidation and harassment of journalists and dissidents. In a statement Shaheed stated, “The government of Iran should not silence critical or dissenting voices under the guise of vague and unsubstantiated national security concerns.”

His calls are particularly poignant as Iranian dissidents continue to engage in organized acts of civil disobedience despite the continual threat of arrest. Recent video clips from Iran show well known dissidents rallying on the street, and outside of Evin prison and the judiciary, in protest of the lack of civil liberties in Iran. The clips include the elderly Mohammad Maleki, the former President of Tehran University, singing a hymn asking when freedom will come to the people of Iran. The clips also include a defiant woman who removes the hood of her jacket revealing that she has no headscarf, in bold defiance of compulsory veiling in Iran.

The courage of these activists, and their strategy of defiant civil disobedience is indeed a sight to see and provides a compelling view of Iran’s rich and organized civil society. Yet you won’t find these stories in mainstream coverage on Iran, nor is Iranian civil society acknowledged as a player when discussing political and economic deals with the Ayatollahs.

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